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Download lives , chats , photos & videos from anyone in BIGO LIVE to your gallery!
BIGO LIVE Downloader free allows you to easily download any photos and videos from BIGO to your media library
Features of BIGO LIVE Downloader :
1< NO Login / REQUIRED.
2 > Ther is 2 simple steps to download.
3< Quick to download videos and download photos from BIGO’s friends
4 > So Easy to save into device or repost
5< Easily explore, delete and share Lives downloaded files
6 > Open the app for the first time and it will ask for permission to record or take screenshots, mark the always allow option so you don’t get asked that every time you want to record your screen.
7< When you open the app, a little transparent menu opens up…now you are ready to download.
8 > Open BIGO and click on the record button, then click on the live video that you would like to record…its as simple as that.
9< Pull down the android drop down menu from the top of your phone screen and click the ‘Stop recording’ option.
10 > Press the “exite” button on the meddle side of the app menu to close the app.
11< Also you can use this app to record your phone screen even while playing heavy games.

What new in version: 1.0!



snap-new generation