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Welcome to the World of Next Generation App, where you can earn money in continuation with your work in form of cryptocurrency! You are able to earn free Bitz Tokens for trying out new products and completing simple tasks and get multiple ways to Redeem it as Reward. Many New Payment Redemption Methods Added.


For Registration/Sign up, the information like user first and last name, mobile number, password, country and referral code as your mobile number or BT11 , information should be submitted.

After registration, login with mobile number and password

Next you will go on home screen

On home screen various button are available like Start, refer, install & earn, how to use, redeem, payment information, contact us etc

Three ways to earn points-
1. Complete the task (Start Button)
2. Refer and earn (Refer Button)
3. Install and earn (Install and earn Button)

In first case you have to click the start button, go on viewing views 1 to 7, then click on finish button, and click on add points button to get your task points, which will be added to BitAdz wallet.

In second case, click on refer button and ask your friends to use the app with your mobile number as your referral code and accordingly we can earn the referral points.

In third case, click on install and earn button, then click on the button and install and register the app, to get the points.

Earned and Redeem Points-
On successful completion of required number of task, you can earned points will be reflected on your home screen in Bitadz wallet and redeem points will be reflected in Claim points window

Payout- Out of four options, you can select any one
1. Coinbox
2. Xapo
3. Zebpay
4. Unocoin

New Payment Redeemption Methods Added :

X-Box Gift Cards
Google Play Gift Cards
Steam Gift Cards
PSN Gift Cards and
Amazon Gift Cards.

Once Points reach threshold, Mail us with the name and email detail along with the type of Reward you wish to Have as Reward.

More you are active, more you can earn

Note- Keep internet connection on while using the app and completing the task, to get your reward

How to Use:

To Understand how Bitadz Works and Payout process , refer the following Youtube link,–6M

Feel free to write us, in case of any difficulty,
e-mail ID:

What new in version: 1.4!




Pratham Inc