Ear Spy : Secret Voice Recorder

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  • Ear Spy : Secret Voice Recorder
  • Ear Spy : Secret Voice Recorder
  • Ear Spy : Secret Voice Recorder


Secret Voice Recorder application will let you record voice or audio easily by pressing the power button 3 times within 1 second or the time set by you in the app settings.

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Can you hear a lot more with this simple app!.

Note : If you face any problem while using power button gesture, please make sure that your mobile screen turns on or off after each power button press.

Here after you can easily record the conversations while anyone. All you need to do is to press the Rec button . The app will start recording the voice and audio around you in high quality. If you want to stop the recording, you can press the the Rec button within 1 seconds again.

Features :
1. High-Quality Voice Recorder
2. Power Button Mode to easily start voice recordings.
3. Option to select a storage location for the recording files.
4. Option to start and stop voice recording using the Volume Buttons.
Once you turn on the volume button based gesture, you can start and stop voice recording by pressing both volume buttons together while the mobile screen is on.
5. More custom settings

Smart Voice Recorder works greatly across all devices including tablets. Download the Smart Voice Recorder now and ease all your voice recordings.

What new in version: 1.0.2018.1!



Evo Plasic