Fort: Nite Battle Royale

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  • Fort: Nite Battle Royale
  • Fort: Nite Battle Royale


The hungry nite zombies who are eager to take control of your brains and to destroy your fort already hunt you in survival action Fort: Nite Battle Royale! Nite zombies, team work in the battleground, hunting behind useful resources for construction, repair and craft and also behind poor ammunition and weapons will send you to the fantastic world where you should form united team for survival and construction of own impregnable fort nite. Create the best fort, find on the map resources for craft and by all means survive in legendary battle royale! Your life and legendary materials for craft and design of fort will be an award in this nite battle with the zombie and other brave players!

Fort: Nite Battle Royale – try to survive at any cost in nite battle royale, having created own unapproachable fort and having beaten off attack of legions of hungry zombies! Fort: Nite Battle Royale – what can be better than epic battle for a fort nite?

What new in version: 1.0!



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