Little Ben Alien Hero – Fight Alien Flames

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  • Little Ben Alien Hero - Fight Alien Flames
  • Little Ben Alien Hero - Fight Alien Flames
  • Little Ben Alien Hero - Fight Alien Flames
  • Little Ben Alien Hero - Fight Alien Flames


Are you crazy fans of heatblast alien and ben alien hero?
It’s a time of adventure and fight with new hero ben alien ultimate fight.
This game made for you : ­čĹŻ Little Ben Alien Hero – Fight Alien Flames ­čĹŻ
Ben is a little kid hero, very favourites in the world.
HđÁatblast is a fire humanoid alien made of red rock with yellow lines across his body.
There is fire coming from his head with the look of a mask for a face.
the game is a new adventure fight game the hero alien was one of the best aliens live in paece He wants to fight evil and Achieving justice in the ira and Help the weak so in the game Play a role of gigantic BEN alien to stopping Dr. Animo and Aggregor and other villains and become the Master Control of the Omnitrix to traonsform To any format you want like heat-blast , XLR8 or cannon-bolt But all this power its for battle any one and battle The enemies and save the world
hero ben alien ultimate fight is one of the best fight game you can play with format whampire 10 or any format you want battle Universe Alienso Use alien powers from azmuth to stop bead like in wrath of psychobos!
In the game hero battle the Heat blast is so cool and Fabulous Also the Omnitrix is good and also you can play with new format like Heroes of Articguana Shocksquash and hero (benwolf) Blitzwolfer
Transform, battle and fight with ben alien. Play with a fighting spirit And with men’s determination to Overcoming Obstacles
Try well to kill the caterpillars and win the battles and Do not forget the aliens power coming from the far galaxy
try to Play as kid hero slugterra and unlock hes powers as he takes on the evils of the era.
no relation between the hero in game and the aliens from TV series
new feature space in the battle so enjoy your time try hard to defeat the enemy like dr animo
Use alien powers to take down the evil genius Dr psychobos
As seen in Gwen 10, Heatblast can shoot flames into the sky to create different signs like his name for example.
When he is sick, his flames become cold causing him to shoot ice instead of fire allowing him to freeze anything he hits.
Heatblast’s main weakness is the element of water. If he gets soaked his flames will die out and he will be unable to produce any fire.
His flames will also die out if sprayed with a fire extinguisher or high winds.

­čĹŻ New Graphic HD
­čĹŻ New ben alien hero
­čĹŻ Nice character

What new in version: 1.5!




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