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Unusual and very dynamic card strategy, being the direct successor of legendary genres of Roguelike and Collectible Card Game Slay to Spire welcomes you in the fantastic world! Our team has applied a maximum of forces to receive ideal game at cards with the wonderful huge world, the difficult and worked system of random battles and events. And also you receive big, no, just huge card pack containing more than 200 ready cards by means of which you will be able to conquer the world of a spire and to slay all dangerous monsters disappearing in dark rooms and spire dungeons! Properly arm and go to a dangerous travel on a mysterious spire – the homeland of the various monsters, mutants, rogues, demons and dark Gods slaying and corrupting this world! Your legendary adventure in spire world, filled with dangers, begins various tasks and slay of demons in surprising game at cards with elements of strategy Slay to Spire right now! Slay the spire and save the people!

In the card strategy of Slay to Spire you should play for the character battling against monsters of a spire and trying to stop the evil, having slay the spire. But to make it difficult as any rogues or the demon who has followed ways of the brave seeker an adventure can slay of the hero of life and end his short travel. To survive in this dangerous world of spire dungeons and close rooms, you should collect a legendary pack by cards of which you will be able to slay the spire and demons her inhabiting. But for a victory over evil and slay of dungeons of a spire you have to choose and use the found cards intelligently. The cards scattered on rooms of a spire are various on a method of application and force. So for slay the spire create own invincible pack and slay the most dangerous place of the world of Slay to Spire!

Also you remember that in the game Slay to Spire each new sortie after the next failure will be for you unique as the world of a spire constantly changes and adapts under the player and also slay of the hero of life in more and more cunning and unexpected ways. Only strategic thinking and ability to correctly select a pack by cards for the next sortie to the world of a spire can bring you success in fight and also slay of all monsters, demons and rogues in a dark dungeon who have followed ways of your surprising adventures!

Collect the unique and invincible pack of legendary cards, move off in searches of adventures to the mysterious and dangerous world of a spire and slay all monsters who have got up on your way! Slay all of them and save the kingdom in strategic game at cards of Slay to Spire!

What new in version: 1.0!



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